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Kashmala Tariq enjoying holidays on beach

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Posted February 18, 2012 by admin in Pictures

Kashmala Tariq on beach~Picture of the Day~

Kashmala Tariq and Sumaira MalikFor Pakistani female politicians, it is very important to dress decently within the boundaries of socially accepted norms of masses to stay out of news and scandals. Most Pakistani female politicians prefer wearing Kameez Shalwar with Dupatta over their head. From Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah to late Benazir Bhutto dressing decently is considered utmost important. Our female legislators like Kashmala Tariq, Sherry Rehman, Hina Rabbani Khar, Ayla Malik, Sumaira Malik, Shazia Marri, Marvi Memon, Farzana Raja, Sassui Palijo, Nadia Gabol and Sharmila Farooqi all prefers Kameez Shalwar with Dupatta than any other dress. But when ever these beautiful ladies slips into a pair of jeans or any western attire, their pics are posted by newspapers and blogs sites as some cheap scandal, pointing fingers at their characters.

Kashmala Tariq on beachIn private, they should wear whatever they like based on their personal preferences and comfort. Recently, a picture of hot looking Kashmala Tariq on beach was published in some Urdu daily newspapers and internet website showing wearing mini skirt or bikini enjoying sun during her holidays abroad. These newspapers and websites that are mostly run and read by conservative people carried a caption that says Kashmala Tariq is spending holidays on government expenditure in objectionable mini skirt/bikini. While other ridicule her choice of clothing linking it to her liberal and western outlook. These Kashmala Tariq pictures were published with judgmental content without verifying any actual facts. Kashmala Tariq picturesMost female politicians like Kashmala Tariq, Hina Rabbani Khar, Sharmila Farooqi and Nadia Gabol etc wear jeans and other western attire in their private life and there is virtually nothing wrong about it as long as they are within the boundaries of decency. In fact, many woman and young girls wear such dress in urban areas of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad.

This is not the first time Kashmala Tariq was in news due to some scandal. Some months back PPP’s Dr. Ferdous Ashiq Awan insulted Kashmala Tariq by suggesting that she has reached corridors of power by going through bedrooms. Recently an alleged sexy phone call’s recording video between Kashmala Tariq and Humayun Akhtar Khan was also in news. But like any other season politician, Kashmala Tariq knows how to handle these scandals and responds to her opponents.

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