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Atif Aslam & Goher Mumtaz fought for the band name ‘Jal’

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Posted May 20, 2012 by admin in Music

Atif Aslam Most bands splits up when the success, fame and money got to them. Sometimes they part ways as they grew creative or musical difference among them. But most of the time it is a mixture of lot of things. The beginning of the Pakistani pop band ‘Jal’ was also associated with such breakup. The band got split right after the release their first single. The band lead guitarist and the main man Goher Mumtaz was looking for a singer for some of his compositions when he got introduced to Atif Asalm. Goher immediately like his voice and ‘alaap’ style and decided to include him in his pet project ‘Jal’. They both recorded their first single ‘Aadat’ that becomes the instant hit over the internet and got repeated air play on Pakistani FM radio channels and music channels.

But the success of the band came with fight and clashes between Goher and Atif. It was reported that difference got out of hand when Atif Aslam try to include his brother as band manager who was eager to cash in the ‘Aadat’ success. Goher Mumtaz the brain behind the melodious Aadat got irritated and situation got tense that resulted in band’s breakup. For months they both fight for the band name “Jal” (means ‘water’ in Urdu) as they both construed it to have brand value. During the mean time Atif Aslam releases a music video of ‘Mahi Ve’ shoot in Dubai. As Atif started getting offers for concerts and projects he quits the Jal name fight and started concentrating on his solo career.

Jal, the bandGoher Mumtaz quickly replaces Atif Asalm with Farhan Saeed (Vocals) and Aamir Sheraz (Bass). Farhan has a good mellow voice but it simply not comparable to Atif’s mighty voice. It seems that Goher has included Farhan Saeed in a hurry without going through the proper process of auditioning. Atif also included some of the Jal song in his first album ‘Jal Pari’ (2004) in addition to hit Aadat like ‘Bheegi Yaadein (Woh Lamhe)’. ‘Woh Lamhe’ was also included in Indian movie ‘Zeher’ featuring Emraan Hashmi with sexy Udita Goswami and Shamita Shetty. As usual the Indian producer ruins the original Pakistani version of the song.

But this is all history now; today both Atif and Goher have successful musical careers. Both of them have also buried their hatched against each other. Goher Mumtaz also recently got engaged to beautiful model Anam Ahmed.  But critics still says that Jal would have been an explosive band if Goher and Atif had resolved their differences and stayed together.

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