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Mansoor Ijaz’s lawyer wants Army Battalion to protect him

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Posted January 21, 2012 by admin in Politics


Mansoor IjazAs memogate controversy continue to dominate Pakistan political spare, Mansoor Ijaz have said in an interview that he is getting threats from various source ahead of his testimony before a judicial commission created by Supreme Court of Pakistan. He maintained in his interview given to tv that these threats will not hamper his plans to appear before the commission. He added that he don’t care who is behind these threats and intimidations, and he had made his mind that his will help people of Pakistan to make their government accountable for their actions.

The central character of memogate controversy American base businessman Mansoor Ijaz in his article publish in Financial Times alleged that right after Osama Bin Laden killing in Abbotabad, Zardari’s led weak PPP government has tried to contact covertly to Americans through a memo to avert possible military coup. He alleged that this memo was written by Pakistan’s ambassador Hussain Haqqani.

Today Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said that he will called army if needed to provide fool-proof security to Ijaz. Malik’s statement is in response to Ijaz’s lawyer Akram Sheikh who wants not less than a battalion of soldiers to protect his client. He also clarify that ISI could not be use to protect Ijaz as it is not a security agency and his government will provide security as directed by the commission investigation the memo case and local laws. On the other hand, US Embassy have stated that Mansoor Ijaz will be treated like a common US citizen and would be entitled to same facilities like any other American traveling to Pakistan. According to media reports Ijaz has been given one year multiple entry visa of Pakistan.


Rehman MalikRehman Malik who is famous of making absurd statement have also said that Mansoor Ijaz’s name can also be put on the Exit Control List (ECL) without elaborating the fact that Ijaz is a US citizen and has not committed any crime in Pakistan. Name put in ECL barred people travelling out of Pakistan. Such statements seems to be the part of an intimidation strategy deployed by the PPP government who is already under pressure because of pending NRO cases where Supreme Court of Pakistan has order them to reopen old corruption cases against President Zardari and write a letter to Swiss authorities to reopen investigation.

Some quarters have said that Mansoor Ijaz’s demands for army security is delaying tactics and he don’t have any evidence to back up his allegations. Rumors are also circulation that government plans to arrest and try Mansoor Ijaz for his alleged role in toppling Benazir Bhutto government and being part of defamation campaign against Pakistani security institutions.

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