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Dr. Shaista Wahidi got Divorced, fame & weird on-air antics are to be blame

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Posted September 7, 2012 by admin in Media

Dr. Shaista WahidiLooks like this time of year is really bad for our celebrities. After the shocking news of Azfar Ali and Salma Hassan divorce, another sad news of morning show host Shaista Wahidi divorce has sadden TV viewers and fans. Her recent disappearance from her Geo TV morning show ‘Utho Jago Pakistan’ was related to her illness. But now it turns out that reason of her illness was probably the stress and tension created by her divorce. Very few people know that Shaista Wahidi, who also holds a medical degree, started her TV career from Indus TV during the time when there were only handful of private TV channels in Pakistan. Her confidant and mellow style make her popular and lands her offer from ARY Network to host their morning show. Her morning show got momentum and she moves to Geo TV Network and rest is history.

Shaista Wahidi, huband Waqar, bother Sahir LohdiDr. Shaista Wahidi got married to Waqar Wahidi on January 17, 1999. She has three beautiful children from her marriage named Shafay (1999), Faiz (2002) and Eeman (2004). Those who met her former husband Waqar reveal that he is a loving and caring father and extremely supportive husband. It was due to his strong support and encouragement that Shaista was able to builds her TV career and become the leading lady of Pakistani morning shows. It was reported that her husband has some issues with her weird antics on her show. He was also against Shaista pulling stunts like dancing, hosting wedding ceremonies,  on-camera erratic behavior and showing off expensive dresses on her show. It was also reported that Shaista has revert back to her median name Shaista Lodhi and moved to her new apartment in DHA leaving her husband Nazimabad family residence.

Shaista Wahidi show ‘Utho Jago Pakistan’Frankly speaking, the weird antics of Shaista Wahidi that trouble her husband also bothers lot of rational and educated TV viewers. It is difficult to make sense of idiocy and stupidity pulled in shows like her. The idea of hosting fake Mayon, Mehndi, Wedding and Valima was heavily promoted by her morning show with equal intervals. Later on shows like her started inviting couples from lower middle class to host their on-air wedding ceremonies. In such shows the hostess also invites several celebrities and singers to add glamour to the proceedings. Shaista and her celebrities’ guest would clad in expensive wedding cloths & jewelry with heavy party make up. They would dance to latest Indian songs and perform wedding rituals that usually take place in a typical Pakistani mehndi and weddings in a very bizarre, cheese and cheap manner. But Shaista is not alone in airing such senseless weddings. Her rival Maya Khan, Nadia Khan and Nida Yasir are all equally responsible for promoting such nonsense.

Shaista Wahidi looking hotDuring last 6-7 years morning show has become one big cash cow for all media houses and that not only brings in lots of viewership but also earn them lot of revenue. The morning show hosts do all sort of crazy and weird activities to improve their show’s rating and lure viewership. Maya Khan’s fake raids on Kararchi parks to confront dating couples are one of such stunt. Shaista was used to be very presentable during her early days when she makes sense on-air and sounds like a normal person chatting calmly with her viewers.  Its look like that fame had got her to do all sort of cheesy and weird activities to push her career and her shows ratings. It is not surprising to know that she is the sister of the cheesiest and raunchiest TV host Sahir Lodhi. He must be instrumental in adding all the cheesiness and melodramatic activities on her show.

It is quite understandable for Shaista husband has issues with all these activities, honestly who wouldn’t. In addition to that there must be other issues in Dr. Shaista Wahidi and Waqar Wahidi marriage that has lead to the ultimate divorce. Shaista also started modeling for leading lawn brands this year and she can be spotted not only on fancy fashion magazines but in big billboard looking pretty and sensual all over city. She has also recently done a music video ‘Baylia’ for Faakhir.

Shaista Wahidi in Faakhir video'Baylia'But TV channels are equally responsible in promoting these types of morning shows. Pakistan is basically a poor country where successive governments have lout and plunder national wealth which has resulted in increasing poverty and unemployment. In such situation, morning shows shouldn’t be promoting glitz & glamour and expensive lifestyle. It is very difficult for average family to make ends meet and marry off their daughter respectfully. Morning show host like Dr. Shaista Wahidi should be encouraging simplicity and positivity instead of cheap and raunchy hulla-gulla, fancy designer’s dresses, expensive lifestyle and weddings.

Hot Shaista Wahidi modelingBalancing career and personal life is a challenge for everyone and showbiz personalities are no different. But for showbiz people this challenge is overwhelming. One of these challenges is to handle fame and money. Shaista is not the same simple and adorable host that she used to be when she started working in Indus TV. She has changed and made choices that may get her more fame and money but it may have caused her home. There will always be new and beautiful young girl ready to snatch her place. And TV channels big bosses will not waste a second to replace her as rating of her morning show goes down. She should have tried and compromise some of her husband reasonable demands and save her marriage. It is really unfortunate for their kids as they are the one who are going to suffer the most. News and rumors are also circulating regarding Shaista Wahidi second marriage. But apparently they are all based in false sources and gossips.

We wish Shaista Wahidi all the best in this trouble time and seriously pray that future will bring best for her and her children. But Shaista must visit her morning show’s content as it required serious consideration to disseminate positivity and healthy entertainment.

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