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Shahbaz Sharif’s daughter Rabia Imran’s got Bakery Boy beaten up

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Posted October 17, 2012 by admin in Controversy

Shahbaz Sharif daughter Rabia ImranBakery closed-circuit television  (CCTV) footage have emerged that shows Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif‘s daughter Rabia Imran’s security guard along with Elite Police personnel assaulting a poor bakery boy hours after he refuses to provide her some bakery item.  The CCTV footage has been aired on various Pakistani news channels creating a controversy for self proclaim Khadim-e-Aala Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif. It was reported that on October 7, 2012 when Shahbaz Sharif’s daughter Rabia Imran visited a bakery located in posh Defense Housing Authority (DHA) Lahore area between 1-2 pm, the bakery worker told her that bakery will open at 3:00 pm and he cannot sell any bakery item at that moment. But Rabia wanted to buy something right away. Her driver asked the bakery employee to open the shop door which he did. Rabia Imran soon after entering the bakery demanded some bakery item (probably a cake). The poor bakery boy repeated the same and told her that bakery was closed and cashier wasn’t available and he is unable serve her. On refusal, CM’s daughter Rabia got ballistic and started threatening the bakery boy to serve here right away or he will have to face the consequence. The driver of Rabia Imran also joined in and started harassing and threatening the poor young man, who was simply following what he was told to do by the bakery owner. It can be seen in the video that Rabia is pointing finger at the poor guy in threatening style.

Shahbaz Sharif daughter Rabia ImranAfter threatening the young man, Rabia left the bakery with her driver. On the same evening, around 6:30 pm, some people in plain cloth came to the bakery and identified the bakery worker and ask him to step outside the shop. As he came out, the plain cloth guys were joined by Punjab Elite Police force personnel and started beating the young man brutally. They took him with them and severally assaulted him and throw him somewhere in wounded condition.

Shahbaz Sharif daughter Rabia ImranIn CCTV footage a Hijab wearing woman in yellow dress was identified as Rabia Imran. As the news broke on several news channels including Geo TV, the Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif took notice of the matter and issued order to arrest the Elite Police force personnel who are actually following the instructions of her daughter Rabia Imran. It is not the first time that Shahbaz Sharif family member is accused of abusing power and torturing someone. Earlier Ayesha Ahad Malik, the third wife of Shahbaz Sharif’s son Hamza Shahbaz, accused him for secretly marrying and torturing her. Please see the exclusive CCTV video and decide for yourself.

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