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Annie Khalid alleges husband attempted to kill her

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Posted December 25, 2012 by admin in Controversy

Annie Khalid & Malik Noureed AwanPakistani pop star Annie Khalid who got to married to Dubai based businessman Malik Noureed Awan recently alleges that her husband tried to kill her and subjected to worst kind of mental and physical abuse. She married to Malik Noureed Awan who owns several businesses in Dubai. This news comes as a surprise to many of us as before getting married to Malik Noureed Awan, Annie Khalid have spent considerable time with him. Lot of pictures was posted by Annie and Noureed, where couple can be seen cuddling and having nice time with each other. In these pictures, Annie didn’t shy away in kissing and hugging her future husband.

Annie Khalid & Malik Noureed Awan weddingAccording to reports Malik Noureed Awan have alleged that her loving wife Annie has flee to her parents in London with Rs. 10 million in cash and Rs. 30 million worth of expensive jewellery. Annie Khalid has maintained that she has only left her Dubai home to save her life. She added that she was only carrying a hand bag that weighs around 15 kg. The stuff that she took away in her bag was only her personal belonging like laptop, cell phone and cloths etc. She also mentioned that she didn’t even have a bank account in Dubai. Annie fears that Noureed will hurt or even killed her if she stays with him. She claimed that Noureed has beaten her on several occasions and her in laws have turned a blind eye to their son abusive behavior.  She is facing her Noureed abuse and mental torture since her Nikah, but she tried to stay with him because of her love for him.

Annie Khalid & Malik Noureed Awan NikahAnnie version seems right as one cannot carry cash beyond certain limits on international flights. And the amount of money that is allegedly siphoned by Annie, cannot be done without using a bank account. The real issue between Annie Khalid and Malik Noureed Awan will take time to enfold. At this time, it is just the war of words between the disgruntle couple. The money allegation made by Noureed seems fabricated. It is may be floated to counter Annie version which was aired by Pakistani media. It seems that Annie and Noureed’s wedding is heading toward a divorce unless their parents intervene and try to resolve issues between them.

Annie Khalid & Malik Noureed AwanAnnie and Noureed’s Nikah ceremony was held in July this year, while her marriage and rukhsati ceremony was held later during August. Interestingly, Annie Khalid marriage with Malik Noureed Awan was mark with controversies since beginning. Police raided their wedding ceremony when the event violated the time limit imposed by the local authorities. The relatives of Annie and Noureed got in to physical fight with the Police as they tried to arrest the groom. Keep visiting Insight Pakistan for more updates on melody princess Annie Khalid.


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