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Maya Khan

Maya Khan FIRED on refusing unconditional apology

  Zafar Siddiqi, CEO Samaa TV have sacked Maya Khan and her team in response of Citizens’ Letter as of Monday. Zafar Siddiqi reply is produced below. All concern citizens and civilized people of Pakistan duly appre...

Maya Khan

Citizens’ Response on Maya Khan aunty park raids

Sent Jan 27 21012 by the undersigned, in response to his email (below) Dear Mr. Siddiqi,   We deeply appreciate your prompt reply and assurance that the kind of show broadcast on January 17th, 2012, ‘Subh Sawerey Maya Ke...

Maya Khan

Maya Khan apology fall short of admitting her mistakes

Maya Khan apologize following the airing of her January 17, 2012 show of “Subah Sawerey Maya Kay Sath”,  in which she raided Karachi public parks with vigil aunties in search of young couple dating. The apology aired on S...

Maya Khan

Maya Khan & Aunties raided Karachi parks chasing dating couples

If you have seen morning show in Pakistan, then you must have come across plenty of stuff that can be easily labeled as weird, bizarre, obnoxious, and outright stupid. The host of these shows does crazy things to boast their sh...