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Ali Gul Pir - Taroo Maroo

Ali Gul Pir is back with ‘Taroo Maroo’

Ali Gul Pir is back with another music video ‘Taroo Maroo‘. This time he is mocking the annoying staring habit where men usually gaze upon females without any sense of etiquettes and decency. The song lyrics may not...

Danish Nawaz

Danish Nawaz has comedy in his blood

Pakistani television channels are flooded with comedy sitcoms. Most of them are run of the mill formula comedy program that usually doesn’t make us laugh. To make thing worse, these sitcoms are badly written with poor directi...

Ali Gul Pir

“Waderai Ka Beta”, Ali Gul Pir’s music video goes viral

The newest sensation “Waderai Ka Beta” by Ali Gul Pir and his team’s music video has gone viral on YouTube. Radio and TV channels are running after Ali Gul Pir for interview. This comedy sketch has no polit...

Chand Nawab (Indus News)

Indus News Chand Nawab loses control (Funny leaked video)

Indus News was the early entrant in the Pakistan media sphere with array of offerings like Indus Vision, Indus Music and Indus News. Indus Network is headed by Ghazanfar Ali who was one of the director/producer who had venture ...

Danish Ali

Danish Ali LIVE, standup comedy show

If you missed the January 20, 2012 show of Danish Ali at PACC Karachi, don’t worry you can still catch him at the Royal Rodale on February 18, 2012. Danish Ali is friggin’ hilarious!! Those who were there on January 20th sh...