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Annie Khalid left her Mehndi ceremony halfway, Pictures & Video

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Posted September 2, 2012 by admin in Entertainment

Annie Khalid & Malik Noureed Awan mehndi picturesIn Pakistani wedding, Mehndi is the day where all the fun and halla-gulla takes place. But what will you do, if you are not feeling well on the party of your life. Well, that is what happened to singer Annie Khalid. Annie earlier had her Nikah ceremony with Dubai based businessman Malik Noureed Awan and Wedding & Rukhsati was delayed till Eid. Annie Khalid shoots to fame with a low budget video ‘Mahiya’ that was followed by the song inclusion in Indian movie and a two full studio album. On the other hand Malik Noureed Awan comes from a wealthy family who has made fortune in UAE during last couple of decades.

Annie Khalid & Malik Noureed Awan mehndi picturesThe Mehndi ceremony was held at ground near Lahore’s Cantt Service Club. In addition to close relatives of Annie and Noureed, lot of celebrities and dignitaries attended the ceremony. Beside her weakness Annie put a smiling face and carryon with usual Mehndi related Rasams (wedding rituals). She was clad in pinkish gold dress with bit of purple and green color while her husband to be wore black kameez shalwar. Annie also wore a big gold set that was probably given by her in-laws’ was looking terribly hideous. The Mehndi ceremony also attended by some selected celebrities like ‘The Call’ lead singer and now actor Junaid Khan, Mustafa Zahid and actress Fiza Ali along with Mr. & Mrs. Aitzaz Ahsan etc.

Annie Khalid & Malik Noureed Awan mehndi picturesAnnie had to leave her Mehndi festivity early due to her weakness but the party counties late night where relative of bride and groom and other guest enjoy the music and dance. UK base band RDB (Rhythm, Dhol, Bass) also performed on the occasion. Newspaper claimed that Annie was suffering from Dengue but she twitted that she has ‘Hepatitis A’. Obviously Annie was feeling very weak and weary as she twitted that she was at the hospital on her Mehndi instead of enjoying the party. On her sorrow, her hubby dearest twitter “no issue we will do Mahndi event again same date Next year 🙂 with one. Baby Inshallah.” Well that was so romantic.

It seems that Annie Khalid have quite a year ahead of her. Settling down with her husband, having a baby, managing a career and becoming the brand ambassador for her hubby upcoming MMA Airline. We wish you all the best Annie.

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