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Legendary comedian & actor Lehri died in Karachi

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Posted September 13, 2012 by admin in Entertainment

Comedian LehriLegendary film star Lehri died today after prolong illness. His health deteriorated during recent years, he was 83 years old. Audience knows him by his showbiz name ‘Lehri’ but his real name was Safeerullah Siddiqui. Lehri started his career in 1956 and ruled film industry for almost four decades with his hilarious comedy style. Lehri was a natural actor who has the ability to mesmerized audience with his crispy and impulsive dialogue delivery. He becomes the necessary comedy relief for big film directors of his time. He has worked with all leading actors and actresses of his era that included Mohammad Ali, Zeba, Waheed Murad, Nisho, Deeba, Nadeem, Talish and Sangetta etc. He has the immense power to crack up the audience with his sharp and witty dialogues. Lehri won several Nigar Awards for his excellent performances. Nigar Awards was considered as one of the most prestigious award of Pakistan film industry that was introduced by Ilyas Rasheedi in 1958.

Lehri with Sanam BalochLehri migrated to Pakistan soon after partition and learned shorthand to get his first job as steno-typist in Karachi. After work he also started working as salesman selling hosiery items at Saddar, Karachi during rush hours. He started his career with Urdu feature film ‘Anokhi‘ released on January 21, 1956. Lehri was often compared with comedian Munawwar Zarif, Nanha and Rangeela (Saeed Khan), but he will be always remembered for his distinct and original humor style. Lehri style comedy has a blend of sarcasm and his inborn spontaneity that has earned him fans throughout the world.

Comedian LehriLehri has mostly done Urdu movies. He distances himself from film industry when Urdu feature films become rare with the arrival of ‘gandasa’ driven senseless Punjabi movies during 80s. During that time he has done some plays for PTV Karachi and stage. Television viewers still remembers his brief appearance in Anwar Maqsood’s higly acclaim TV series ‘Aangan Tehra’ that also stars late Saleem Nasir, Shakeel and Bushra Ansari. He had also done comedy dramas with comedy king Umer Sharif during late 80s and 90s. Lehri is undisputedly one of the best comedian Pakistan film industry has ever produced who will be always remember for his witty, bold and spontaneous comedy style. He may rest in peace.

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