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Dr. Ferdous Ashiq Awan abuses Kashmala Tariq on live TV show

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Posted January 30, 2012 by admin in Controversy

Dr. Ferdous Ashiq Awan is among the ranks of female parliamentarians who are not known for etiquettes and decency. When discussing politics on-camera or off-camera, one must remain within the boundaries of etiquettes and manners. Dr. Ferdous Ashiq Awan comments regarding her fellow female parliamentarians Kashmala Tariq on television talk show at Express News has taken everyone with surprise. She was attending ‘Kal Tak’ talk show with Kashmala Tariq, Shireen M. Mazari and host Javed Chaudhry. When Kashmala Tariq ridicule her for horse trading and switching parties, Dr. Ferdous Ashiq Awan fire back by alleging that hot looking Kashmala Tariq has reached parliament through bedrooms.

Dr. Ferdous Ashiq Awan remarks stunted everyone on the show. But she didn’t stop here; she went on to suggest that she didn’t start her career from ‘Heera Mandi’ like others. Kashmala Tariq kept her nerve cool and said that she can resort to this level of indecency and insult. Shireen M. Mazari decided to remain mostly silent during the slur. The talk show host Javed Chaudhry intervened between the two ladies and try to cool down things. He further insisted that Dr. Ferdous Ashiq Awan derogatory remarks were entirely inappropriate and non-parliamentary.  But we salute Kashmala Tariq for keeping her composure and replying to Dr. Ferdous Ashiq Awan’s slanderous accusation with grace. Watch the video and decide yourself. (Continue reading below)

It seems that Dr. Ferdous Ashiq Awan is jealous with hot looking Kashmala Tariq’s beauty, upbringing, education, style and reputation.  Ferdous was elected member of National Assembly contesting as Pakistan Muslim League: Quaid-e-Azam (PML (Q)) candidate in 2002 elections. Later she joined Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and become its Federal Minister. Whereas, Kashmala Tariq entered mainstream politics from PML (Q) and currently belongs to PML (Q)’s disillusioned faction called ‘Likeminded Group’ led by Humayun Akhtar Khan. Recently, a sexy telephone conversation video of Kashmala Tariq and Humayun Akhtar Khan has emerged over the internet. Validity of this Kashmala Tariq’s allegedly leaked conversation with Humayun Akhtar Khan is still unclear. This type of scandals are mostly circulated to tarnish the reputation of opponents, as sex scandals are consider more damaging than the corruption and abuse of power accusations.

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