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Meher Bukhari

Meher Bukhari to join Dawn News for Rs.1.8 million monthly salary

Meher Bukhari is all set to join Dawn News. It’s been reported that she is in process of joining Dawn News at an exuberant salary of Rs.1.8 million (Rs.18 lacs) per month. Imagine that how much these mundane political talk sh...

Meher Bukhari leaked pictures

Indian hacker leaked Meher Bukhari’s personal photos or it is due to her own fault

It seems that Meher Bukhari is again making news due to leaked personal pictures allegedly scooped by some Indian hacker. Since Meher Bukhari wedding with ARY News front man Kashif Abbasi, she is often in news for the wrong rea...

Mehar Bukhari

Meher Bukhari’s clarification of Malik Riaz planted interview on Dunya News

Meher Bukhari today tries to clarify her position on leaked behind the scene footage of her interview with property tycoon Malik Raiz. In her desperate attempt to save her job and repair Dunya News badly tarnished reputa...

Meher Bukhari, Mubashir Luqman, Malik Riaz

Meher Bukhari & Mubashir Luqman planted interview for Malik Riaz

Leaked video of Malik Riaz, Meher Bukhari & Mubashir Luqman planted interview On Dunya News is making round in the midst of Arsalan Iftikhar scandal. In this leaked video Bahira Town’s founder Mailk Raiz is shown ...

Hot lookning bride Meher Bukhari

Meher Bukhari looking gorgeous in her wedding shoot

~Picture of the Day~ Meher Bukhari looking extremely hot gorgeous in her wedding shoot. Meher Bukhari weds ARY’s lead talk show Kamran Abbasi in November 2011. Mehar Bukhari did her photo shoot in a traditional old hawali. Th...

Meher Bukhari & Kashif Abbasi wedding

Meher Bukhari & Kashif Abbasi dazzling wedding pictures

~Picture of the Day~ Meher Bukhari & Kashif Abbasi got married recently. Kashif Abbasi is the leading anchor of ARY News while Mehar Bukhari hosts a political talk show at Dunya News. The wedding photo shoot was carried out...