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Rabia Anum

Geo News Rabia Anum casted her Vote

Geo News caster Rabia Anum casted her vote in Karachi.  Election Day (May 11, 2013) was a very hot and dry day in Karachi; Rabia Anum took a water bottle with her to stay hydrated in hot weather. Rabia also chose to wear beau...

Rabia Anum of Geo News

Rabia Anum reporting in Karachi rains

Rabia Anum cald in black rain coat was reporting winter showers in Karachi recently on Geo News. She was talking to news anchors Najia Ashar and Mansoor Ali Khan who were at Geo News studios. Rabia Anum also wore her signature...

Rabia Anum

Rabia Anum says farewell to ARY News to joins Geo News

Rabia Anum recently joins Geo News after saying farewell to ARY News. She started her career from ARY News that was formerly called ‘ARY One World’ during Shahid Masood era when his program ‘Views on News’ was a big hit...

Madhia Naqvi & Samiah Khan on Geo Shaan Say

Madhia Naqvi wedding predictions by Samiah Khan, the astrologist on ‘Geo Shaan Say’

These days every morning show has a segment dedicated to astrology and palmistry. Lot of people calls in to inquire about their future and fate wishing to hear something good. The morning show producers realized this increasing...

Hot Madhia Naqvi

Shan & Madiha Naqvi blushed as guest mention Sathi Condom on-air

Shan show “Geo Shaan say” may not be picking up rating but is has managed to discuss some important issues pertaining to Pakistani society. You have to give credit to Shan and his team to discuss some socially relevant issu...

Hot Madhia Naqvi

Madhia Naqvi left Dunya TV to join ‘Geo Shaan say’ on Geo News network

Dunya News anchor Madhia Naqvi join Geo News network. She will be co-hosting morning show with film star Shan title ‘Geo Shaan say’. Madhia Naqvi not only has beautiful face but also has a charming personality and screen p...